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Hi all :)  for those who like it, soon I'm going to start posting on my inkbunny and furaffinity profiles an NSFW anthro MLP comic (so it will be explicit). If you're curious about it just follow me there ^-^…
Are you interested in nature photography, architecture and  other themes? Good!
Here you can find my profile where I upload all my best photos
And here another profile on Facebook where I upload action photos of motorbike off-road events in my country [link]
So another year has passed, now I open this  journal to show you my changes and improvements in art. My purpose here is to keep improving always more and more and keep you updated with good contents :) (Smile)  

photo _ sundown by Bluenight012014(or before)   vs   2016 Natural elements 4 by Bluenight01   PHOTOGRAPHY 

Beauty of universe by Bluenight01 2014    vs    2016July -Dragon-Nebula by Bluenight01  SPACE ART

princess twilight 2 - rebuild version by Bluenight01 2013    vs    2016Equilibrium of the world by Bluenight01  FANART PONY 

Celestia anthro by Bluenight01 2015   vs    2017 Diamond bond by Bluenight01  FANART ANTHRO
Hi all :) (Smile) 
I participated in the Daily Deviation Suggestion Drive with more than 200 suggested works and here are my accepted suggestions :D (Big Grin)

. . . by Alexey-Argentum  The Artifact by dadrian  Pulsatilla vulgaris (Pasque flower) by HeikoGerlicher
No one watching... by turnipBerry Zero Gravity by Valentina-Remenar Phoenix by TylerCreatesWorlds

(This page is being updated every time a DD gets accepted)
Hi all :) just telling you know here everything is fine, I'm a lot busy with university as always.  I just started a new ( harder) year. Other works are incoming, in particular some commissions I'm making for Courageous of Light, the mlp story writer. Very soon you will see the following of his stories as a comic in my gallery. Then other works about my  "space project" and mlp sexy stuffs will come too :D
So see you soon and stay tuned :) Have a nice day everyone!
Hi all
I'm sorry to tell that due to some changes/ personal reasons, probably I won't post any work for an unspecified period.
Obviously when I'll be back you'll see it :)
Hi all!La la la la  36.000 pageviews is close and as I said before I want to make a FREE FEATURE  as thanks for all the support!! Everyone can partecipate! It doesn't matter if you're not my watcher.
All you have to do is to comment below with your best work! But be careful: post ONLY ONE PICTURE


  Team Sonic's Halloween by Shadow-n-Light  Together by FDugourdCaput  Nathanael and Chloe by ARSugarPie   Disney Fairies: Vidia by AnonymousnessAnomaly Dats some hot fire yo by Faxonii  Hleb in Bread by NuFox-Hast

Other things: since it's easier for me, I post all my best photos on my 500px profile
This doesn't mean I will not post anymore photos here..
About my drawings: I started drawing "August", the next month in my project. And other furry and pony pictures will come, but not so soon.

About commissions: they are opened (requests are still closed) and I offer only 1 slot as available, cause I'm very busy.

Have a good time! ^^ 
>>>UPDATE 28 JULY:<<<
Hi everyone again! Everything's fine here. Now, only commissions are opened again. Probably requests will be opened again after some time.  
So AT THE MOMENT I DON'T TAKE REQUESETS!Sweating a little... I think I've fainted. 

In some days I'll post a work, just to let you know and I'm going to work on other too.

Remember that you can find my best photos here on my 500px account

Then, I wish you all a nice summer :) hope you are having a good time!


Hi all :) so as you have noticed for sure, I'm not very active these last weeks. This because of important exam that awaits me at university :S So if everything goes fine I'll be back to work on my drawings. I have some projects in my computer :) 

About my commissions and requests they keep being closed for now. You will be all noticed when I'm opened again. 

Last thing, I was thinking to make a free feature when I reach 36000 pageviews, where everyone can partecipate, even if you're not my watcher :) but I'll make a journal about it.

In the meantime I wish you all a great summer! :happybounce: La la la la 
Hi all :) I'm opened to commissions and requests!
If you're interested don't hesitate, take a look at my info first and then send me a private note.  La la la la La la la la >>> Commissions Info <<<<La la la la La la la la 
If you have some questions write them in the note.

The limit is of 3 works at time. 

Every time I'll write here and let you know the slots available.


update 28 June: I close commissions and requests temporarily, due to a lot of commitments in personal life, plus different works I'm doing, and which you will see soon. :)
Hi wave remake 

I wanted to write a little update, cause, I know I didn't post anything in different days, but I had an exam and other commitments after that. Then I got sick too, but now I feel better and I'm back at work :)  
I want to profit of this journal to thank all people who watch and fav meHug . Have a good day! 
Hi all Hi!  

Little news, I started a new account on 500px . I'll upload there my best photos ^^
Hi guys :) 

How is everything going? I want to let you know that I'm opened to requests. Those who wish to ask me a request must wait until tomorrow, because today I can't draw.Sweating a little... 

Since I'm very busy with university and other art projects I'll do 3 requests per month.  

All works will be done in little resolution, don't worry I don't mean 100 x 100 (pixels), but something like 1000 x 500, 1200 x 700 or similar (that depends on the work) and they can be lineart or lineart + colors characters. Background will be a shade of colors.

 Theme: mlp characters, normal ponies or anthro. 

In case you don't know, requests are free.

>>>>>>>>>If you want a request  send me a private note and write what character/s you want to see and all the necessary details. <<<<<<<<<<

Know  that commissions are always opened. There you have the advantage more of a full detailed picture at higher resolution.

Wish you a good day^^
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Hello everyone
I just wanted to let you know that we have some open positions for new mods in the group!

As Support All Art is growing bigger and bigger everyday, we find that we need new mods here to help out.
We are looking for committed loyal members who will check back and process submissions on a daily basis as well as help out with group management and participate in decision making.

What we are looking for:

Presence: Be here! Support All Art is a high volume global art community with a significant amount submissions received every day! We need members that will check back on a daily basis.

Be a team player! : Managing a large group such as this is a team effort. We love people who work well in groups. Our team works hard to ensure we provide an awesome place for creative minds to expand and get featured, as well as ensure quality of featured works in our galleries.

Attitude: We need mods who can make executive decisions. People with creative minds who can thing outside of the box and we value high above all proactive behavior.

Dedicated and committed members only! We need people we can depend on when we need them the most!

How to apply:
Drop us a line in our note section or just send our founder byAllex a note and tell us what motivates you to become part of our mod team.

If you are Chosen:
You will be subjected *cough* I mean partake in a three day trial to prove you can handle the job. This is also so you can familiarize your self with our rules and the way we do things here. Don't worry we'll be guiding you every step of the way as well as giving you the opportunity to do things on your own and prove your self.

After that the chosen members will be welcomed into the family and join us officially. After all we are like a family, no, we ARE a family, ART related!
Hi :) 

I want to thank that generous person who gave me 1 month of Core! La la la la :happybounce: Hug 

Then, since I'm here, I want to let you all know that I appreciate every fav, watch and lama I receive even if I don't always reply. I used to do it, but the system warns you're spamming if you comment too much. So that's it! 

A nice day to everyone Meow :3 
Hey! :icondahub: will give you free Points if you watch, fav or give llamas to the users in his donation widget!

You can also be featured if you donate some Points

So go to dAhub now! :D (Big Grin)

Commissions Info by Bluenight01

I made some update in the infos and lowered the prices, take a look and have a good day:)

From 15 to 18 February commissions are going to be closed.

At the moment I don't do requests. Maybe I'll open them later.
I wish you all a happy new year! to all my watchers and non :) I wish you all good luck! 
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Since I got the question different times, know that commissions are opened :) ( requests are closed).

You can find infos here. For everything else feel free to send me a note.

Have a good day :D 
>>>Little remind: remember  you can support me on Patreon.:Bullet:. Patreon  here  for more content. Every little bit is very appreciated Clap Emote [Free] Hug 
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prohibited spell;) enjoy
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